ATHNA Welcomes College Health Nurses

photoWe all know that student travel is on the increase. Most schools now encourage some international experiences; some have a mandatory requirement. As a member of ATHNA, college health nurses can find the information and support they need to prepare students for these trips. We invite you to explore our membership page. Learn about our mission and all our benefits and then consider joining the only North American nursing organization devoted to helping travelers.

"I decided to join ATHNA to strengthen my commitment to furthering my travel health knowledge. I appreciate the diversity and clinical expertise of its contributors . ATHNA has been quite beneficial to me and my fellow travel nurses at our clinic. It is a great source of up to date information on current changes in practice, opportunities for furthering our global education, and networking with others in our field. I'm fortunate to be part of a team that promotes this important organization." Suzy Rohlfes, RN

"As a nurse who previously worked at Rutgers University and now sees students in my private practice, I continue to struggle every time I counsel students pre-travel. There are so many issues for this travel population: confusion about risks and prevention measures, not enough money, too little time for the visit, last minute departure, reluctance to adopt behavioral changes, and more...My ATHNA membership has been invaluable to help me sort out the issues and prioritize my approach to prevention. ATHNA's standing orders, policies, and clinical tools help me meet U.S. and Canadian standards of care. ATHNA's travel health news and updates keeps me current with CDC, WHO, ACIP, CATMAT, and IAC notices. Those postings save me time and keep me abreast of new immunization developments and guidance for outbreaks. Dues are modest and the new NED annual conferences are a great, free member benefit. ATHNA membership can be a real help to any nurse who provides travel care- and that certainly includes college health nurses."

Gail Rosselot, NP, MPH


Travel Health Nursing is a growing nursing specialty devoted to the care of the international traveler. The mission of the American Travel Health Nurses Association is to promote excellence in travel health nursing practice, education, and research in North America.

ATHNA is tax-exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Service and is registered with the NY State Charities Bureau.