Scope of Practice and Standards for Travel Health Nursing

The American Travel Health Nurses Association is very pleased to announce that the revised Scope and Standards for Travel Health Nursing are now available to ATHNA members in the Members Only Section of the website. An ATHNA Task Force has been working for more than a year to update the original Scope and Standards which were created in 2004.

The Scope and Standards have been revised to align with ANA language and in accordance with ANA requirements that nursing specialties revisit and revise their Scope and Standards as needed every five years.

This second edition has received peer review and Board approval.

Benefits of the Scope and Standards document:

  1. Serves as a resource for our members
  2. Each standard describes one element of our practice and profession and elaborates with a series of competencies per ANA criteria
  3. Allows the ATHNA task force to move ahead with its second assignment - to create clinical guidelines that translate this document into basic knowledge and skill requirements for travel health nurses in North America
  4. Our Scope and Standards and Clinical Guidelines will give nurses concrete information about what constitutes travel health nursing practice. These documents can serve our members for orientation, evaluation, promotion, job descriptions, course curriculum, and the like
  5. The Scope and Standards and upcoming Clinical Guidelines are part of ATHNA's goal to obtain ANA recognition of travel health nursing as a nursing specialty

ATHNA members, please go to the Members Only Section and click on Scope and Standards.