Fellows Program


As a Fellow of the American Travel Health Nurses Association you will receive:

  • Distinction as FATHNA for professional nomenclature
  • Recognition as a FATHNA published on the ATHNA website and in the 2019 NED Printed Program
  • FATHNA medallion and/or pin suitable for use with academic regalia and on uniforms
  • Plaque / certificate of fellowship suitable for display

As an ATHNA Fellow, a nurse will be expected to continue to impact ATHNA and the larger nursing community. Contributions might include ongoing practice, mentoring, teaching, publications, research or innovations to improve the health of the traveling public and the specialty of travel health nursing. It is anticipated that the Fellows will support the ongoing activities of ATHNA through voluntary participation in one or more of the following ATHNA priority areas: mentorship program, speakers' bureau, publications either in print or online, Go-Team membership or research in the field of Travel Health Nursing. Fellows, once elected, will be expected to write letters of recommendation for candidates they support (no more than 2 per biannual election cycle) and to assist in evaluating applications as the program grows.

To apply for this honor, please nominate a colleague or submit your own application. Two letters of support, a lifetime membership in ATHNA and a one- time $150 Fellows induction fee are also required by April 15, 2019. You can make your fellows donation through this PayPal link. You can also send a check payable to:
1169 Northridge Ct.
Golden, CO 80401

ATHNA Fellowship Program Induction Fee Donation:

We look forward to your positive response and to welcoming you at the DC NED into the June 2019 class of ATHNA Fellows. For further information, please contact ATHNA President Gail Rosselot at garosselot@aol.com or President-Elect Candace Sandal at csandal@dow.com.