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  1. Will you have conferences? A newsletter? A journal? A blog?
    • ATHNA sponsors a unique educational and networking opportunity every July in members' homes across the United States. Awarding CE credits, this popular alternative to the traditional annual conference is called a "NED: Networking, Education and Development." It is a free day long benefit for our members. It provides yearly updates on important travel health nursing topics as well as opportunities for the discussion of clincial, administrative and professional issues.

      ATHNA also offers a blog TravelBytes that addresses current topics and challenges in travel health. Through the year some of these blogs also offer continuing education credit. Look on the ATHNA homepage for this regular feature.

      On June 4, 2019 ATHNA will offer its first national NED in Washington, DC. More information about registration, program, and lodging will be posted on this website in December.
  2. How will ATHNA keep me informed about its activities?
    • ATHNA now subscribes to Constant Contact and members will receive regular email Updates. We will be communicating in the "Members Only" Section. Please keep checking there for latest news and updates. We will also be sending e-mail notifications and newsletters, providing updates in our "Announcement" box on the home page, and posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (see links on home page).
  3. I would like to network with other travel health nurses.
    • ATHNA offers members several ways to connect with other nurses who see travelers. First, we have regional members who have volunteered to help with clinic issues, clinical challenges and the like. While no one can legally offer guidance on a specific patient, these regional members have volunteered to respond to member requests. Write to us at Second, every year we have our NED: Networking, Education and Development clinical conferences. These day long gatherings are held in various locations around the country and provide our members with wonderful face to face contact. Great opportunity for discussing travel health issues. In 2019 our NED will "go national" and be held in Washington DC on June 4. Third, we provide the Monthly Q&A: "Ask Us Anything." This is our website based feature to answer questions sent in to Content is also archived.
  4. How do I get in touch with ATHNA?
    • Contact for questions about the organization. ATHNA will respond to your inquiry within 5 business days. Unfortunately ATHNA cannot respond to specific inquiries regarding patient care. We do address clinical issues in our blog TravelBytes and our monthly Q&A "Ask Us Anything".
  5. Does ATHNA have speakers for a travel health presentation?
    • Speakers are available to present on Travel Health. Please use the above email if you are interested.

Education Issues

  1. When will ATHNA start offering CE programs for members?
    • ATHNA offers free CE credits to its members in several ways. We offer a yearly Clinical Update Day called a NED at sites across the country. It is a full day of networking and education and located to reduce the cost of travel and accommodations. ATHNA also offers CE credits through its blog Travelbytes. Generally a new CE program is offered every 4 months.

Practice Concerns

  1. Will you answer clinical questions if we have any?
    • Yes, and we do each month. If you have a particular clinical question, please send it to and we will post a reply with references in our Monthly Q&A column "Ask Us Anything". For questions requiring a more personal response, we encourage you to contact our regional representative members who have volunteered to correspond with members. They can also be reached by emailing Unfortunately, ATHNA cannot legally offer specific patient care recommendations, however.
  2. I would like a professional position in travel health nursing. How do I locate job opportunities?
    • We suggest you use our CareerCenter to network with nurses in your area to learn about possible openings. You can post your desired position and also see if others have posted job openings in your area. Also, many nurses find travel health nursing positions by contacting public health, academic, and occupational health care employers. Consider seeking employment at one of the travel clinics listed on the CDC yellow fever directory ( or the ISTM clinic listing (
  3. Do you know about courses or academic programs for nurses who want to enter this field?
    • Right now there are no specific academic programs at U.S. or Canadian nursing schools that prepare travel health nurses. Every year, however, there are conferences and CE programs offered by different organizations. Abroad, there are certificate and degree programs in Glasgow and London. Check the "What's News?" Box and view Courses and Conferences on our home page for announcements of upcoming offerings.
  4. Can I visit one of your sites?
    • If you are interested in visiting a clinical site, please write to We will alert members to your request and invite them to respond to you individually. ATHNA does not directly provide this service, but some members may be able to accommodate you.

Taking an Active Role

  1. How can I get more involved in ATHNA? Join a committee? Join the Board?
    • Each year, ATHNA sends out notices for open positions on the Board as well as opportunities to join our GO-Teams to work on time limited projects relevant to the development of travel health nursing and ATHNA. Members will receive these announcements in their email and they will be posted in the Members Only section of our website.
    • We welcome your involvement, but membership in ATHNA does not obligate you to take on a larger role in our association. We know you are all very busy.. You can contact us at, however, if you would like to get more involved with ATHNA or have an idea for a project.
  2. Can I donate to ATHNA?
    • Yes, we are a 501C3 nonprofit organization - and you may donate to our organization. Thank you! Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to ATHNA, c/o Mette Riis, Treasurer 1169 Northridge Court, Golden, CO 80401


  1. What is ISTM?
    • ISTM is the International Society of Travel Medicine. It has members from around the world and supports a nursing professional group. To learn more about this group go to their website at
  2. What is ASTMH?
    • ASTMH is the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. It has an active travel medicine section and nurses are eligible to join. For more information go to their website at
  3. How is ATHNA different from ISTM?
    • ATHNA is a nursing association solely devoted to fostering the growth and professional development of travel health nursing in North America. ISTM is an international organization for all professionals engaged in travel medicine, including physicians, pharmacists, researchers, and governmental officials from around the globe. Nurses are eligible to join both groups.
  4. Is ATHNA part of ISTM or ASTMH?
    • No, ATHNA is a separate entity chartered in the United States.
  5. If I join ATHNA should I still join ISTM or ASTMH?
    • We encourage all persons practicing travel health to join any organization that will support your career and increase your professional knowledge and skill. And remember: from March 2018 to March 2019 membership in ATHNA is free. Try it out...