Courses and Conferences

This section of our website highlights educational programs available for travel health nurses. Education in our field is growing and we want THNs to have one place where they can consistently go to learn about upcoming offerings. Classes, webinars, self-study programs, courses, and conferences will be listed in this section.

If you know of any programs that you feel would be of interest to THNs, please send the information to

Important notice - ATHNA will post programs that come to our attention, however, ATHNA assumes no responsibility for the quality or accreditation of any listing. The listings come from individuals within the travel health community but are not checked or endorsed by ATHNA. Nurses are always encouraged to carefully research any offering to insure that it meets their learning and professional needs.


Date Location Event
June 5-6, 2020 Canmore, Alberta Canada AATHP 24th annual Travel Health Symposium
Various Various "Take A Stand" Immunization Action Coalition Free Expert Workshops to Improve Adult Vaccination Rates via Standing Orders
n/a Online Current Issues in Immunization, Updates on adult immunization recommendations and standards for adult immunization practice
n/a Online New Online Travel Course
n/a Online CDC Travelers' Health Resources and Training (CDC)
n/a Online You Call the Shots Shingles Course (CDC)
n/a Online You Call the Shots: New Modules on General Vaccine Recommendations (CDC).
n/a Online Coughing up the Facts on Pertussis - Emerging Trends and Vaccine Recommendations
n/a Online Travel Health 101TM Provider Course - Revised Annually
n/a Online Malaria 101 for Health Care Providers - Online CE Module
n/a n/a University of Minnesota Online Global Health Curriculum: Module 7 - Travel Medicine; available now
n/a Online CDC Training and Continuing Education Online
n/a Webinar Pink Book Webinar Series - 15 Programs (CDC)
n/a E-Learning CDC E-Learning Resources
n/a Courses Courses Available: Owning, Opening & Operating a Travel Clinic
n/a Archived Webcast Little Bite, Big Disease: Recognizing and Managing Tickborne Illnesses (CDC)
n/a Archived Webcast Vaccines for Immunocompromised Adults (NFID)
n/a Archived Webcast Travel Vaccines: Know Before You Go (NFID)