Mission and Goals

Mission Statement: To advance nurses engaged in the care of all travelers- both domestic and international- through professional development, evidence-based practice and advocacy.

Organizational Goals

  • Serve as a primary professional resource for U.S. nurses who provide care to domestic and international travelers.
  • Support the recognized U.S. specialty of travel health nursing and the widespread utilization of Travel Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.
  • Support travel health nurses to keep current regarding recommendations and emerging travel health issues.
  • Promote communication and networking among travel health nurses and other health professionals across North America.
  • Partner with national and international organizations with a shared commitment to promote the health and safety of travelers through quality clinical care, education, research and advocacy.

ATHNA Strategic Plan for 2021-2022:

  1. Expand the Board of Directors to 12 members plus a non- voting Fellow representative.
  2. Disseminate widely to all stakeholders the official recognition of the specialty of travel health nursing by the American Nurses Association (ANA).
  3. Promote awareness and use of Travel Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 1st edition.
  4. Engage the ATHNA BOD and Fellows to explore the development of a certification for travel health nursing consistent with U.S. standards utilizing a portfolio format.
  5. Establish a Communications Task Force that will explore options for a major revision of ATHNA's website and membership messaging capability.
  6. Establish an auto-registration process for ATHNA membership and renewals.
  7. Offer virtually 2021 NED sessions with CE accreditation and also survey members in preparation for developing the 2022 NED content and format.
  8. Revisit re-establishing membership dues.
  9. Implement and evaluate the new orientation and mentorship program for directors and officers.
  10. Increase ATHNA's advocacy role on the national and international level.
  11. Expand ATHNA investments beyond the money market account to generate additional funds.

Summer 2021