Mission and Goals

Mission Statement: To advance nurses engaged in the care of all travelers- both domestic and international- through professional development, evidence-based practice and advocacy.

Organizational Goals

  • Advance the profession of Travel Health Nursing in North America.
  • Serve as a resource for individuals who provide care to travelers- international and national.
  • Assist nurses to keep current regarding recommendations and emerging travel health issues.
  • Promote communication and networking among Travel Health Nurses across North America.
  • Promote the dissemination and adoption of ATHNA's Scope and Standards of Care in Travel Health Nursing.
  • Partner with organizations with a shared commitment to promote the health and safety of travelers.

For 2019-2020:

Our two goals are ANA recognition of travel health nursing as an official nursing specialty and the exploration of a travel health nursing certification and degree.

To carry out our mission and goals, ATHNA has an Executive Committee comprised of five officers and a ten member Board of Directors. In 2017 we adopted the Zero Committee organizational model, in lieu of standing committees, that allows us to create small, time limited, special GO-Teams to address specific ATHNA goals. Nominations is one example of a GO-Team; another is the group that just recently updated our Scope & Standards for compliance with 2018 ANA guidelines. This Zero Committee approach affords us maximum flexibility as well as the opportunity for more members to get involved in short term projects that meet their personal and professional interests. When a new GO-Team is formed, an email notice goes out to our members welcoming their participation.

July 2019