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Updated 6/12/2020.

The number of articles and websites now devoted to this pandemic is now exponential. Sorting through it all can take more time (and patience) than any of us have. Our thanks to Julie Richards for sharing her updated list of best resources for keeping current with COVID19 knowledge and issues. ATHNA also wants to give a shout out to Shoreland for the terrific job they are doing on TRAVAX. Well done!*

  1. Global map with current cases presented in a dashboard format produced by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering
  2. MMWR
  4. ANA Resources
  5. The Stanford Database on all ongoing research worldwide. Open to all.
  6. Daily COVID-19 reports published by the WHO
  7. The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  8. Good journal reading for global research and clinical manifestations on the disease: Lancet Coronavirus Resource Center
  9. Washington Post (still with free content I think)
  10. New York Times (also with some free content)
  11. NPR Goats and Soda

COVID19: A Matter of Planetary, not Only National Health | The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


Managing Emerging Infectious Diseases: Should Travel Be the Fifth Vital Sign?


ANA COVID19 Webinar Series


PANDEMIC: Prevention and Emergency Management in COVID-19

The International Society of Travel Medicine's Professional Education Committee (PEC) has put together an online PANDEMIC course of curated journal articles designed to help busy clinicians learn more about COVID-19. It is FREE and available to non-members. Go to: www.istm.org to register.

PANDEMIC Course Topics include:

  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical Course
  • Severe Disease
  • Therapeutics, and
  • Personal Protection for Health Care Workers

The PEC recognizes that health care providers are busy caring for patients, leaving little time to search the medical literature for relevant journal articles. The digital format is presented as easily digestible curated journal articles, with summaries and educational quizzes. Providers who want or need to learn more about COVID-19 can conveniently access the course on personal mobile devices during a short break or as time allows to sit down and work through a module.

We recognize the pandemic is moving fast and so is the medical literature. For that reason, we will update the content regularly.

MMWR Timing of Community Mitigation and Changes in Reported COVID-19 and Community Mobility ― Four U.S. Metropolitan Areas, February 26–April 1, 2020

ANA Webinar on PPE

The Goats and Soda "No, You Don't Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here's How to Shop Safely"

Up-to-Date: ATHNA COVID19 Clinical and Scientific Resources

A day does not go by that we are not learning of new knowledge about COVID19. ATHNA has developed this dedicated space on our website to help our members navigate the huge volume of resources and information that is being generated. This pandemic is having a huge impact on all of our lives, and the amount of new knowledge can be overwhelming. Julie Richards has initiated this page with a few reliable, fact based resources. As more information becomes available we will update this page weekly. And if you know of a particular valuable resource you would like to share with other travel health nurses, please send the link to info@athna.org.

  1. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University - world-wide map of cases
  2. LitCovid - curated literature hub for tracking the most current scientific information about COVID19
  3. CDC Updates
  4. The New York Times is providing free coronavirus content
  5. CDC COCA webinars