Some Suggested Reading for the CTH Exam

Dom Colbert's book, MCQ's in Travel Medicine, is written for those practicing in travel health and/or those preparing for travel health examinations. The book, published in 2013, offers more than 800 questions on various topics of travel medicine including entomology, fish hazards, and psychiatric problems as well as the more regularly encountered issues of malaria prevention, medical care overseas and care of the returning traveler. Each section of the book contains a question related to the specific chapter with four possible answers. At the end of the chapter, the correct response is given, with the appropriate rational. A self-test in Chapter 19 is also included.

This book is also helpful to those busy clinicians who need a quick review or to the scholar getting ready for a travel health exam. The style and format of the multiple choice questions permits a pick up and put down approach or allows for a longer study interval. Review of the questions lets the reader identify where gaps in knowledge exist and where further study is required. While the yellow fever guidelines changed from dosing every ten years to a single dose providing lifetime protection for the vaccinee after the book's publication date, the volume offers an interesting and test taking approach to the vast amount of travel health literature. The author's royalties from this book are donated toAboutFace, a UK organization of volunteer surgeons who repair facial deformities in those who are unable to meet the expense of such an intervention.

Candace Sandal