Board of Directors 2021-2022



Sandy Weinberg, RN BSN MA, FATHNA
Certificate in Travel HealthTM
Interim President - 2020
Former president 2009-2011
ATHNA Member since 2006
Home: Bethel, Connecticut
Employment: Public Health Nurse, Pomperaug Health District, Southbury, CT
Nursing Education: SUNY Albany (BSN); The Graduate Institute (MA in Integrative Health and Healing)
How did you get involved in travel health: A previous employer asked if I was interested in learning about Travel Health and offering this service to the community. It was an interesting topic with a large learning curve combining self study, attending a short course, joining professional organizations and keeping up with the literature. I established a Travel Clinic for my previous employer as well as my current employer.
Why are you an ATHNA Member: I joined ATHNA to maintain professional knowledge and support, and I stayed because I have met the most wonderful fellow nurses and I really enjoy their company and the collegiality.
What do you do in your free time: reading, yoga, hanging out with friends, my husband, our black lab Bentley and enjoying grandchildren.


Certificate in Travel HealthTM
Immediate Past President
ATHNA Member since 2004
Home: Briarcliff Manor, NY
Employment: President, Travel Well of Westchester and Director, The Westchester Courses in Travel Health Fundamentals
Favorite Destination(s): Paris, the Scottish Isles, Botswana Okavango Delta
Nursing Education: Cornell and Columbia
How did you get involved in travel health: I was fortunate to join a UN/International Rescue Committee/ Cornell team to the Khao-I-Dang Refugee Camp on the Thai-Cambodian border in the 1980's

-worked with CDC and saw first hand the impact of destination risks and tropical disease
Why are you an ATHNA member: : I have found it rewarding, supportive, and empowering to participate in the one travel health organization only for nurses. ATHNA brings together amazing professionals who strive everyday to provide quality care to travelers and make a difference in global health.
What do you do in your free time: hiking with my black lab,Sophie, mailing college care packages to my daughter, reading medical thrillers- and traveling (of course)


Mette Riis, BSN, MSW, FATHNA
Certificate in Travel HealthTM
Treasurer, 2014 to present
ATHNA member since 2010
Home: Golden, Colorado but grew up in Montreal, Canada and Connecticut
Employment: Retired Manager, Denver Health Immunization and Travel Clinic
Favorite Destination(s): My bucket list is huge! Anywhere in the world where I can see new things, experience the local culture and language and be active
Nursing Education: Regis University, Loretto Heights College School of Nursing, Denver, CO and University of Denver, Denver, CO
How did you get involved in travel health: Through my own travels and through working with the Colorado Refugee Resettlement Program, I saw the need for education and guidance in the prevention of travel related communicable diseases; especially travel to underdeveloped and remote countries. Denver Health is a safety net hospital system for the Denver Metro area and serves patients and families from all walks of life and economic backgrounds. While I was the manager of the Denver Health Immunization Clinic, I had the opportunity to expand our services and developed the travel clinic. At the time, there were few comprehensive travel health consultation services available in the Rocky Mountain region; especially for the diverse population we served at Denver Health. Our clinic brought together travel health nurses, immunizations and infectious disease specialists to ensure comprehensive pre and post travel health services to travelers and their families.
Why are you an ATHNA Member: I have always been impressed with ATHNA's commitment to educate and provide resources to nurses to help them provide the best patient care possible to insure safe and healthy travel experiences for travelers and their families. Being a part of ATHNA provides the opportunity for me to learn, network and share my knowledge beyond the travel health nursing profession in Denver.
What do you do in your free time: I spend a lot of my time traveling back east to visit my elderly parents and family. I'm an active person and enjoy hiking and cross country skiing in the beautiful Colorado mountains. I am also very active in the Colorado Alzheimer's Association.
What I admire in others: Candid honesty and a sense of humor



Sue Ann McDevitt, RN, BSN, FATHNA, FISTM, AFTM-RCPS (Glasg)
Certificate in Travel HealthTM
Board Member 2004-2009, Treasurer 2004-2009
ATHNA member since 2004
Home: New York, NY
Employment: Staff Nurse, Department of Infectious Disease & Immunology, NYU Langone Health, NYStaff Nurse, Department of Infectious Disease & Immunology, NYU Langone Health, NYStaff Nurse, Department of Infectious Disease & Immunology, NYU Langone Health, NY
Favorite Destination(s): Anywhere in Scotland; Sydney, Australia; Donegal, Ireland. Currently at 5 continents but only 36 countries...
Nursing Education: RN from Beth Israel School of Nursing, NTC, BSN from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. Certificate in Travel Medicine from University of Glasgow
How did you get involved in travel health: Through preparing employees for travel, my interest was sparked by the need to learn about the risks they could face and what measures should be employed to avoid illness and injury.
Why are you an ATHNA Member: Since most of my knowledge was self-acquired early on, the opportunity to network with other nurses facing the same lack of formal education is what led to the formation of a group of NYC nurses to meet for dinner and talk about experiences, challenges and "wins." I continue to support ATHNA's efforts to increase awareness, the nursing knowledge base and overall: drive excellence in travel health nursing practice.
What do you do in your free time: Reading, sewing, spending a day in my happy place: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and trolling the real estate listings in Scotland.


Elaine Rosenblatt, MSN, FNP-BC, FATHNA
Certificate in Travel HealthTM
ATHNA Board Member 2009-15, and now currently serving again
Past President 2013-2015
Home: Madison, Wisconsin, although I grew up in NY
Employment: Nurse Practitioner in the Internal Medicine Clinic-University Station, UW Health Madison Wisconsin
Education: MSN from Graduate School of Nursing, Pleasantville, NY 1976, BA in Anthropology from State University of New York, Binghamton
How did you get involved in travel health: In 1976 I started my first job at UW Hospital and Clinics, Madison. They needed someone to continue doing travel health, as the NP who was doing travel health was retiring. It sounded interesting to me, so I said sure. I've been hooked ever since
Why are you an ATHNA Member: The networking opportunities have been very important to me - learning about how others practice, having peers to ask questions when something is controversial or new to me, being part of a group that is advancing a field I enjoy - travel health
What do you do in your free time: Travel, reading, movies, going out with friends, learning about wines
What I admire in Others: a good sense of humor

As of July 1, 2021, new directors:

  • Susan Cruz

  • Annie Horton

  • Amy Becker Manion

  • Linda Sapio-Longo

  • Tammy Degenhardt

  • Maureen Thompson

  • Jane Chiodini