Mission Statement

To advance nurses engaged in the care of all travelers- both domestic and international- through professional development, evidence-based practice and advocacy.

ATHNA is committed to professional development, networking, research and advocacy in travel health nursing. We offer our members resources for clinics, CE programs, an annual free conference day, monthly updates, regional contacts, and much more... Join ATHNA and start enjoying the many benefits of membership.

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If you are planning to purchase gifts through Amazon or Amazon Prime, this year you can also make a small gift to ATHNA at no additional cost.

ATHNA has started a new opportunity for fundraising. As a 501 (3) (c) nonprofit, ATHNA is permitted by law to accept donations. Amazon has created a special program, AmazonSmile, to help groups such as ours by sharing $0.5% of any purchase with designated, qualifying organizations. ATHNA is now registered for this benefit. Effective immediately, anyone ordering through AmazonSmile will be able to donate to ATHNA. The process is simple and the same as ordering through Amazon or Amazon Prime...

Please consider ordering through AmazonSmile in the coming weeks- and encourage all your friends and families to do the same. (You don't have to be an ATHNA member to donate.) Each contribution, no matter how small, adds up. Our goal as an organization has always been to keep membership affordable. AmazonSmile is our newest effort to meet that goal. To sign-up...

President's Message

Thanksgiving brings about a season of giving thanks and joy. Finding a way to express the things you are most thankful for is an important part of the celebration. During this month of Thanksgiving I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. Primarily among them is our talented group of ATHNA Directors and members. Thank you for the work you do to assist our clients to be safe and well before, during and after traveling and the contributions you generously give to ATHNA, making our professional organization strong and healthy. I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with abundance and bright moments.

Candace Sandal, DNP, MBA, APRN, COHN-S, FAAOHN
ATHNA President

Three Important Goals for 2019-2020

For 2019-2020 ATHNA has three overriding goals for our professional organization:

  • ANA recognition for the specialty of travel health nursing
  • Explore lower cost options for U.S. certification for travel health nursing
  • Achieve or exceed the organizational goal of 3000 members, representing 10% of U.S. nurses who provide services to travelers

Past Presidents' Council: Letter to The New York Times

Over the summer ATHNA created a new group to help support our organization in a variety of ways not currently addressed by our committee and GoTeam structure. The group is called the Past Presidents' Council (PPC) and is currently comprised of five previous presidents: Charlotte Katzin, Julie Richards, Elaine Rosenblatt, Gail Rosselot and Sandy Weinberg. Together we represent many years as ATHNA members, directors and officers. The purpose of our group is to provide some institutional memory to help with ATHNA decision-making and also to undertake special projects. Advocacy and publications are important roles already embraced by the PPC.

The PPC's "first order of business" was to send a letter to The New York Times on November 12 asking that newspaper to investigate the ongoing yellow fever vaccine shortage. Everyone in U.S. travel health is affected by this critical issue. Please read our letter which we hope will generate a major Times article and a quick resolution of this shortage for travelers, providers and our communities...

New Educational Programs Posted for November

This month we have redesigned our Courses & Conferences listing to make for easier reading. We also have four new postings for educational activities that are coming up very soon:

If any of our members learn of meetings, classes, webinars, or conferences that may be of interest to travel health nurses, please send them to info@athna.org for posting. We update our listings as notices come to our attention.


ATHNA 3000 STRONG November Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving ATHNA Membership!! We hope you enjoy this special day with family and friends. As we all give thanks during this national holiday, we encourage you to voice your gratitude for ATHNA with your professional colleagues. Share your appreciation for the only U.S. nursing organization supporting travel health nurses. Encourage them to join the American Travel Health Nurses Association. Help us make ATHNA 3000 STRONG!!

Soon we will be introducing an occasional new feature on the ATHNA website, "Member Mini-Profiles" to showcase our diverse and growing membership. If you would like to recommend a colleague for this feature- or yourself- please send an email to our Membership Chair, Jackie Mier at jcmier2@gmail.com.

NED 2020: Looking for Summer Hosts & Potential Topics

Next summer, at several locations around the country, ATHNA plans to again sponsor our popular one day regional NED: Networking, Education and Development. Now in its fifth year, the NED program is designed to offer our members a day of small group gatherings for professional networking and continuing education. In the past we have arranged up to four sites on the same day. Hosts provide their homes for the event; ATHNA provides all the rest- the educational program, a facilitator, and funds for lunch and refreshments. The regional NED program is one of our most popular ATHNA benefits.

If you might be willing to serve as a host for up to 10 or 12 members on a Saturday in July or August 2020, please contact us at info@athna.org. Suggestions for possible clinical topics for the program? Please send them to info@athna.org. (And to get an idea of how this informal event is enjoyed by our members, please note the photograph at the top of this homepage, one of the first NEDs held in New York.)

ATHNA Past President Julie Richards Receives Stanford's Advanced Practice Provider of the Year Award

On September 23, the Stanford Health Care Center for Advanced Practice and the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) General Council awarded Julie Richards the APP of the Year Award for 2019. The APP Award is given annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution toward advancing the APP role with a commitment to promoting evidence-based practice, demonstrating excellence in clinical practice, and providing leadership in influencing the advancement of the APP role. Julie received the award for her contributions to Stanford and Travel Health Nursing. Congratulations Julie!

Tribute to Jay Keystone, MD

ATHNA mourns the passing in September of Jay Keystone, MD, a Past President of ISTM and an champion of travel health nurses. For a tribute written by our Past President Julie Richards...

Professional Development

TravelByte #31: PreTravel Care for Boomers to SE Asia: A Powerpoint Presentation

It is estimated that 10,000 Americans turn 65 everyday. They are the Baby Boomer generation, now numbering 77 million in this country. With more disposable income, more time for travel, and often a bucket list of places to go and things to see and do, Boomer travel is on the increase both domestically and internationally. Travel agents and tour companies are targeting this generation with major marketing efforts. No longer limited to one or two weeks of vacation, many Boomers can travel to all continents for extensive trips; SEAsia destinations are very popular right now. This month ATHNA shares a powerpoint presentation that provides some suggestions for ways to enhance the pre-travel encounter for Boomers to Indochina.

Note: Most slides have a few speaker notes- don't miss out on this added information. And since this is a Powerpoint presentation it may be best viewed on a tablet or your desktop rather than your phone to avoid formatting issues.

TravelByte #33 Looking for meaning in your work? Pick up your own backyard.

I sometimes hear people complain about their jobs. They are overworked, frustrated by limited resources, or engaged in a struggle with a difficult boss or passive aggressive co-workers. Yet, even stressful, mundane or creativity deprived jobs can offer meaning as soon as you make the choice to start looking for it. Unconvinced? Please read on....

ATHNA Book and Journal Club - November 2019

As our second recommendation in our Book Club, we recommend The Ghost Map by Steve Johnston. Written in 2006 this book is considered a classic in our field and a great read as well. Enjoy!

The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic - and How it Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World by Steven Johnson Riverhead Books, New York, 2006.

Have you ever traveled to central London and seen the famous "John Snow' water pump? Did you know that the American Public Health Association has established the John Snow Award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to global health? Whether you answered "yes or no," reading Johnson's entertaining book about the infamous 1854 cholera epidemic in London is well worth your time.

As part of our ongoing commitment to help keep travel health nursing professionals up-to-date, ATHNA will continue to highlight the latest messages of CDC, WHO, and other national authorities in our What's News column. The monthly ATHNA Book Club is a new regular feature that will focus on additional sources of travel health knowledge and information. Have a good book or article to recommend? Please send your titles to Gail Rosselot, Immediate Past President, garosselot@aol.com...

Health Outcomes of Student Travel Abroad

ATHNA wants to alert our members to a unique opportunity to contribute to important research concerning the health of students who travel abroad. Currently ISTM and CDC are working together to enroll colleges and universities around the world in this research. Several ATHNA members serve on the Coordinating Council for this important project. If you are a travel health nurse involved with college health, please consider enrolling your institution and participating in this study. Sign-up ends 12/31/2019...

What's News