Two Important Goals for 2018-2019

ATHNA is undertaking this one time, unique membership drive to support two important goals for 2018-2019. Your membership is vital, so we can achieve:

  • ANA recognition for the specialty of travel health nursing
  • Low cost U.S. certification for travel health nursing

While you help ATHNA achieve these goals, your Free membership entitles you to all ATHNA Benefits, so please Join or Renew Today.

  • Courses & Conferences - check out the latest courses
  • What's News - we report important travel health updates to keep you current
  • TravelBytes - our frequent blog by travel health experts - What is Disinsection? 9/18 Iguazu Falls 12/14
  • Annual NED - a unique, free CE day for updates offered at multiple U.S sites - 2018 NED 4.0 summary
  • Travel Health Nurses Are Asking - Q & A that answers member questions monthly - send us your question
  • Career Center - members can seek and post new positions
  • Plus Standards and protocols for travel health - a set of the official U.S. Travel Health Nursing Scope & Standards, and more..

Membership Campaign Update-December 2018:

Since March, ATHNA has undertaken an historic campaign to build membership and bring together North American travel health nurses. While our initial goal was to add 500 new members, our numbers keep growing and now exceed 1200. If you are reading this and have any colleagues who might enjoy free membership through March 2019 please invite them to pick up their smartphones and register online today. It is quick and easy and they can take advantage of two free CE offerings right away.

Please pass along the word about our Membership Campaign and help us keep growing. Each year more nursing professionals are supporting the health of international travelers. RNs, LPNs, NPs, CNSs and nursing students are all welcome to join our association. Currently ATHNA is hard at work with the ANA to achieve specialty recognition for travel health nursing. Join ATHNA at this very exciting time for our profession!

Coming soon! The Inaugural Class of ATHNA Fellows!

Fellows to be recognized at the First National NED in Washington, D.C. on June 4, 2019.
Look for the exciting details and how to apply in January!


TravelByte #27: Why Are They Spraying My Aircraft Cabin?

Do you know what airplane disinsection is?...

Members Only Benefits

ATHNA is committed to professional development, networking, research and advocacy in travel health nursing. We offer our members resources for clinics, CE programs, an annual free conference day, monthly updates, regional contacts, and much more... Join ATHNA and start enjoying the many benefits of membership.

TravelByte #28: Iguazu Falls: Niagara on Viagra

Last year more than 3 million tourists visited Las Cataratas de Iguazú (Iguazu Falls), a justly renown UN World Heritage site. Recently returned from her own trip to Argentina, one of our ATHNA members shares some health and safety recommendations for travelers visiting this awe-inspiring South American treasure...

New CE Activity
Do you know this man?

For our members who missed out on NED 4.0 this summer, we are continuing to offer some of the continuing education content. In September, we shared a powerpoint presentation on Chagas Disease. Members can still complete that activity and earn 1.0 nursing CE credit. Now we offer a CE activity titled Travel Health Pictionary. It is an image driven educational program for which you can also earn 1.0 CE nursing credit.

Continuing education opportunities for nurses are one of the many benefits of ATHNA membership. We encourage you to take advantage of this free and very valuable ATHNA benefit of ATHNA membership. ...

Should ATHNA start sponsoring a travel program for members?...

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year from ATHNA!

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