ATHNA Board of Director Nominations: Now Open

Are you interested in taking a more active role in shaping the future of travel health nursing? The American Travel Health Nurses Association is now accepting applications for the Board of Directors. Participation on the board provides an opportunity to work with a dynamic group of leaders within the organization. Directors will serve a two-year term from June 2019 to May 2021. They are eligible for a second consecutive term.This two-year position requires attendance at quarterly teleconference board meetings and active participation in ATHNA projects and intiatives. We seek nurses with energy and enthusiasm for the growth of our organization and our professional specialty. Anyone can nominate a fellow ATHNA member or self-nominate for an ATHNA Board position. Nominations to the ATHNA Board will remain open through April 15, 2019.

A Word to Exhibitors:

ATHNA 2019 Conference June 4 in Washington, DC

We welcome your participation. We know you will add educational value to our National Networking, Education and Development Meeting. For more information and full details about the program and exhibitor opportunities, please contact Diane McHugh at

ATHNA Initiates Fellows Program

In recognition of the growing impact and value travel health nurses provide to their patients and the greater global community, the American Travel Health Nurses Association is initiating a Fellows program on the occasion of our 15th Anniversary in 2019. The purpose of this honor is to recognize North American travel health nurses who have made substantial and lasting contributions to ATHNA and to our specialty whether through leadership, volunteerism, clinical practice, research, education or publications. Many of our members are travel health nurses worthy of this honor. Please accept our invitation to submit an application for the Charter Class of the American Travel Health Nurses Association Fellows.

President's Message

For many of us, this March truly has come in "like a lion..." Frigid winter storms and a devastating Alabama tornado. On behalf of the ATHNA Board, we hope you and your families are keeping safe and warm. And I am sure all our members are looking forward to an early, calmer and warmer Spring...

I also hope many of you are looking forward to our first national NED coming this June. The ATHNA Board, and especially Directors Jackie Mier, Lori Barker, and Diane McHugh, have been hard at work to make this a memorable conference designed specifically to meet the educational interests of our members. Registration is now open, but please remember that space is limited.

The June 4 NED will also be a day to celebrate our unique nursing specialty as well as ATHNA's 15th anniversary. We're planning a special toast and a commemorative cake!

Between now and then, members have two other opportunities to deepen their connection to our profession. Starting this year, ATHNA has created a Fellows program to recognize North American colleagues who have made worthy contributions to our nursing specialty and association. Please consider nominating a fellow member -or self-nominate- for this honor. Many of you are most worthy. And starting this month, nominations are officially open for several positions on the ATHNA Board. Consider joining ATHNA's leadership team as we continue to develop travel health nursing and expand the value of our professional organization. More information on both opportunities can be found on this homepage.

Finally, we often hear from members about your need and interest in travel health CE content. ATHNA has two free offerings available right now and our Courses & Conferences listing includes more. Take a look and keep your eyes out for those first daffodil buds.

Gail Rosselot

Two Important Goals for 2018-2019

ATHNA is undertaking this one time, unique membership drive to support two important goals for 2018-2019. Your membership is vital, so we can achieve:

  • ANA recognition for the specialty of travel health nursing
  • Low cost U.S. certification for travel health nursing

While you help ATHNA achieve these goals, your Free membership entitles you to all ATHNA Benefits, so please Join or Renew Today.

  • Courses & Conferences - check out the latest courses
  • What's News - we report important travel health updates to keep you current
  • TravelBytes - our frequent blog by travel health experts - What is Disinsection? 9/18 Iguazu Falls 12/14
  • Annual NED - a unique, free CE day for updates offered at multiple U.S sites - 2018 NED 4.0 summary
  • Travel Health Nurses Are Asking - Q & A that answers member questions monthly - send us your question
  • Career Center - members can seek and post new positions
  • Plus Standards and protocols for travel health - a set of the official U.S. Travel Health Nursing Scope & Standards, and more..

Membership Campaign Update-February 2019:

Our Membership Drive has brought so many new members into ATHNA that we are extending the Free Membership until June 2019. Anyone joining ATHNA now can receive the same benefits: free CE, access to our CareerCenter, participation in the DC NED, and more...

This is a very exciting time for our profession, so please encourage your colleagues to join ATHNA during its 15th anniversary year. As the voice of travel health nursing in the United States, ATHNA currently has more than 1300 members. Let's use the next five months to expand our association even more!


TravelByte #30: Winter is Coming (for your Game of Thrones fans) -and so is the Post-Travel Section of the CTH Exam: Ten Resources to Help You Prepare

Do you personally provide the diagnostic workup of a traveler returning home ill? If you are like most nurses, the answer is probably not. All travel health nurses are certainly prepared to provide timely triage for returning travelers, but post-travel disease evaluation and management is not offered at most US travel health clinics....

TravelByte #29: Start Here -ATHNA Syndicated Content

As busy travel health professionals, we at ATHNA understand how overwhelming all the information can be. One can waste a lot of time perusing what seems to be an infinite number of websites looking for the knowledge you need, time you often simply do not have when you are trying to get through a long schedule of complex and challenging travel patients.

We're very practical and pragmatic here so we developed a list of key resources with trustworthy, reliable and appropriately evidenced-based content that we regularly use ourselves to share with our members in an efficient manner in a single spot.

To that end, we have a few key items in the Members Only section of our website. These resources are syndicated, meaning that our site is automatically updated with the most current information from germane sites....

CE Activity: Do you know this man?

For our members who missed out on NED 4.0 this summer, we are continuing to offer some of the continuing education content. In September, we shared a powerpoint presentation on Chagas Disease. Members can still complete that activity and earn 1.0 nursing CE credit. Now we offer a CE activity titled Travel Health Pictionary. It is an image driven educational program for which you can also earn 1.0 CE nursing credit.

Continuing education opportunities for nurses are one of the many benefits of ATHNA membership. We encourage you to take advantage of this free and very valuable ATHNA benefit of ATHNA membership. ...

Should ATHNA start sponsoring a travel program for members?...

Members Only Benefits

ATHNA is committed to professional development, networking, research and advocacy in travel health nursing. We offer our members resources for clinics, CE programs, an annual free conference day, monthly updates, regional contacts, and much more... Join ATHNA and start enjoying the many benefits of membership.

Mission of the American Travel Health Nurses Association

To advance nurses engaged in the care of international travelers through professional development, evidence based practice and advocacy.

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