Educational Resource

  • January: An Update on SIRVA. Know what this is? How to prevent it? As we inoculate against Mpox and await another Covid booster, knowing how to prevent this injection injury is important for you and your patient.
  • February: Are you prescribing more Tafenoquine? Then you need to know everything about G6PD deficiency. We covered that topic during the dead of winter (hard to imagine we would love a dose of that cold air right now).
  • March: Counseling travelers to prevent pregnancy? When first posted four months ago, this contraception content, provided by Director Julie Richards, was important. In light of SCOTUS and the Dobbs decision, this topic is even more critical as we counsel our travelers to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • April: Are you up to date on ACIP guidance for Hepatitis B, Shingles, and the Pneumococcal vaccines? Guidelines are always changing, it seems. Read the latest guidance and learn about two terrific vaccine resources recently revised.
  • May: Travel health terminology is always growing. Can you define NTDs? What about familymoon? Gramping? Screen tourism? And because this is the "sun season," take a moment to quickly learn the 5 W's and one H of sun protection. Help your travelers prevent sunburn and skin cancer as they head off to the shore or islands in July and August.
  • June: During Pride Month we featured content on the LGBTQ+ traveler, but this population travels year- round. Learn some tips for promoting a safe and healthy journey. And since monkeypox is now a designated WHO global emergency, add these resources to the excellent ones already listed in the June content- Washington Post Monkeypox article and the WHO monkeypox factsheet.
  • July/August: Time Out for the editors and a good time for our members to catch up on missed content from earlier in the year...
  • September: With the option of intradermal administration guidelines for Mpox vaccine, we offer some training resources if you need an ID refresher. As a second feature, we revisit vaccine vial expiration dates and beyond use dates- they're not the same! Finally, we have posted a presentation on FGM and hope you will take the time to learn about this international travel health risk for girls and young women in more than 30 nations.
  • October: Health literacy – and the lack of real patient understanding – can be improved during the pretravel visit. Learn some tips for more effective counseling. And if you have been hesitant about simultaneous administration – be sure to read why this injection technique is recommended by CDC and ACIP.
  • November/December: Every pretravel visit should include counseling to prevent MVAs – the #1 cause of morbidity and mortality in travelers under 50. And if your patient has an emergency carrying a Contact Card can make accessing care and loved ones much easier.

Gail Rosselot and Jane Chiodini, Co-editors